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Free Pecan Praline Samples #001
Free Pecan Praline Samples #001
Free Pecan Praline Samples #001
Item#: free-pecan-praline-samples-001

Product Description
Free Praline Samples are 3 chunks of candy that are specially wrapped, bagged, and delivered to your front door. This is our treat to you "from the South to your Mouth." Our Pecan Pralines are packed with fresh pecans and are great presents for loved ones. You must order these special treats seperate because they will delay your department store order. Orders that include Pecan Praline candy samples will be returned for correction before being further processed. You can't order these samples along with your normal order. Must be a single sample order. *1 order per transaction please.

Feel free to place as many orders as desired, but each must be treated as a single order or the system will fail to reconize your order. Refund will be immediately issued for orders that has a quantity of more than one Pecan Praline sample on the request invoice.

* Must pay a flat rate of $4.99 for shipping and handling.